Connecting Societies and Ecosystems

A world where society is connected to nature and practices sustainable development that benefits all life on earth.

The stakes are high. Human well-being and ecosystem health are intricately linked. Mounting pressure continues to be added to the earth’s ecosystems due to global population growth and climate change. We are at a critical period in history; the decisions we make today will shape the world we live in tomorrow.

The Physis Group provides innovative solutions to society’s most pressing climate change and conservation challenges. Founded in 2015, The Physis Group aims to improve society's ability to adapt to and manage their changing resources in a way that promotes healthy communities and sustainable ecosystems now and in the future.

Our mission is grounded in our commitment to improve communities’ well-being through the integration of ecosystem services, nature-based solutions to climate changes, and societal needs. We specialize in using innovative approaches that use ecosystem-based solutions to address climate change adaptation challenges throughout the world. We believe in a philosophy of identifying local solutions that have global impacts and envision a world where society and nature are connected for the benefit of all life on earth.

Services and Expertise

Our mission is to advance society's ability to adapt to and manage their changing resources in a way that promotes healthy sustainable ecosystems now and in the future. We offer the following services in an effort to reach this goal.

Ecosystem Based Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies

Climate change is no longer an issue of the future; it is one of the greatest threats humanity is facing today. Nature-based solutions offer more than 30% of the mitigation solution and offer tremendous potential for adaptation. Our focus is on activities that will have a global impact on climate change by developing the science and implementation models to address the barriers to bringing nature-based solutions to scale. Where gaps exist in the scientific or technical foundation for using nature for climate mitigation and adaptation, we will carry out the necessary research and disseminate the results in a usable format. To provide proof of concept and encourage uptake of nature-based solutions, we will carry out demonstrations of our proposals in collaboration with the right country and private sector partners. And, we will provide tools so that others can build their own capacity to replicate these demonstrations.

Linking Human and Wildlife Health

Analyzing and tracking impacts of different land use options as well as changing environmental conditions and their impacts on ecosystem health (wildlife, livestock, and human health) is vital. We seek to more comprehensively characterize how ecosystem change affects human and wildlife health through rigorous scientific inquiry with the ultimate goal of improving health outcomes.

Linking Science and Policy

Like many other professional fields today, science goes beyond politically defined geographical boundaries. Scientists and engineers are increasingly viewed as key players in fostering positive connections in a globalized world, and the intersection of sciences and policy is a vital tool in creating lasting change that has a firm scientific foundation. Where political and management decisions should be informed by sound data, we will provide communication strategies, outreach plans, and educational materials that connect science to decision making.

Project Design and Management

Successful programs are built upon successful individual projects that are well integrated and transdisciplinary. We have experience working on site level projects across the globe in developed and developing countries and linking those projects to large scale programmatic goals at the national and international level. Specifically, we can assist in feasibility studies, site selection, maximizing results given limitations (scope, budget, and schedule), and integration of projects into larger national programs.

Who We Are

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Jennifer received her PhD from Texas A&M in reproductive physiology and completed the Heller Research Fellowship at San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research … more.
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Colin has a PhD in Plant Ecology and MS in Botany from Colorado State University, as well as an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Canterbury … more.